GPS points plotting on GMT.jl

Dear all,

I would like to plot the GPS points (latitude and longitude) on satellite map similar to this:

It is best if the answer is in GMT.jl because I am using Julia programming language

Any help would be appreciated.

OK, simple in principle. But you need to have the base image as a referenced image (e.g. a GeoTIFF image but not mandatory). Do you have one?

Hi Joaquim

No, I do not have any basemap file (or image). I just took a screenshot from Googlemaps to explain what I am looking for.
Do I have to have a basemap image? I am seeking a simple way to visualize the points

Thank you

Well, if you do not have one your map can’t have it. You could use the Global Earth Relief Grids, but I’m showing here only how to plot three invented positions

# Create a text record that will serve both to point the GPS positions and the text
pts = text_record([-84.560 42.725; -84.418 42.783; -84.450 42.681],["GPS 1", "GPS 2", "GPS 3"]);

# Plot the positions
plot(pts, limits=(-84.6,-84.4,42.66,42.8), proj=:Merc, marker=:circle, fill=:blue, ms=0.4)

# and plot the text offset by 1 cm up
text!(pts, font=(14,:blue),offset=(0,1), show=true, fmt=:png)