Gps velocity map

Hello. Im new learner of GMT. i want to plot a gps velocity map in an area which described with latitude and longitude. can anyone help me in this? thank you

Have a look at the plot module at the -Sv section in the documentation (there’s this example at the end of the page) :

If you need to place vectors on a plot you can choose among straight Cartesian vectors, math circular vectors, or geo-vectors (these form small or great circles on the Earth). These can have optional heads at either end, and heads may be the traditional arrow, a circle, or a terminal cross-line. To place a few vectors with a circle at the start location and an arrow head at the end, try

gmt plot -R0/50/-50/50 -JX6i -Sv0.15i+bc+ea -Gyellow -W0.5p -Baf -pdf map << EOF 
10 10 45 2i 
30 -20 0 1.5i

Instead of what’s between ‘EOF’ you would simply have your textfile … so something like :

gmt plot -R0/50/-50/50 -JX6i mygpsdata.txt -Sv0.15i+bc+ea -Gyellow -W0.5p -Baf -pdf map 
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