Grdcontour label replacement

Hello everyone,
I haven’t used GMT in a long time, and I was surprised by this latest version.

I want to ask, can we change the labels in the grdcontour (GMT 6) as we want? Here I try to plot the contour of the *.b file (I can’t read it because it’s in binary form). I get that contour value 1 means 1 hour (0.2 means 12 minute). I want to change this value in minutes (which means I only perform the operation [value in label * 60]. Is it possible to do this without making changes in the *.b file?

Isn’t the -Z option that you are looking for?

Aah I see,

-Z[+o shift][+p][+s factor]

I just realized that there is such a function.

so I just need to add the parameter
and set -A12 and -C0.2 for grdcontour parameter to be able to display the contour in 12 minute annotation

Thank you for helping me.