Grdcontour problem

Hello…I am a new GMT user and I am trying to generate a map with contour lines, whose respective variable are phase delays. The problem I have is that in some cases the values of the contour lines overlap me, which means that the values are not understood. Could someone help me with my problem?, or is there a tool that allows me to delete the overlapping values?

Attached are the plot and script

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Juan, have a second look at the grdcontour man page. Specifically the -C option.

If contours is a file but not a CPT, it is expected to contain one record per contour, with information given in the order contour-level [ angle ] C | c | A | a [ pen ], where items in brackets are optional. The levels marked C (or c ) are contoured, while the levels marked A (or a ) are both contoured and annotated.

So, make a file with the, non-equidistant, contours that you want plotted (and annotated) and pass it via -C

Hi Joaquim

You are right, I had not read that part well. I did what you told me and I solved the problem. Thank you very much for your help.

I attach the created file and the map

Again thank you very (184 Bytes) (226.9 KB)

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