Grdcut regions slightly off


I noticed that grdcut seems to sometimes get the regions of a cut slightly off if the spacing of the grid is fine. In the case of the grid whose info is shown, I tried to cut to W = 231 but get W = 231.1, with no error or warning message. This messes up processing steps when operating with other grids, for example. Is this something I am doing wrong, or a known issue? I could not find anything in the documentation. Sorry if this is stupid,



/tmp/tmp.qYysLA1kas.strain.grd: Title: Produced by grdcut
/tmp/tmp.qYysLA1kas.strain.grd: Command: gmt grdcut /tmp/tmp.qYysLA1kas.1.grd -R231/249/28.5/44 -G/tmp/tmp.qYysLA1kas.strain.grd
/tmp/tmp.qYysLA1kas.strain.grd: Remark:
/tmp/tmp.qYysLA1kas.strain.grd: Pixel node registration used [Geographic grid]
/tmp/tmp.qYysLA1kas.strain.grd: Grid file format: nf = GMT netCDF format (32-bit float), CF-1.7
/tmp/tmp.qYysLA1kas.strain.grd: x_min: 232.1 x_max: 249 x_inc: 0.00416666666667 (15 sec) name: longitude n_columns: 4056
/tmp/tmp.qYysLA1kas.strain.grd: y_min: 28.5 y_max: 44 y_inc: 0.00416666666667 (15 sec) name: latitude n_rows: 3720
/tmp/tmp.qYysLA1kas.strain.grd: v_min: -2.90879273415 v_max: 1.23624956608 name: z
/tmp/tmp.qYysLA1kas.strain.grd: scale_factor: 1 add_offset: 0

Will need to see grdinfo of /tmp/tmp.qYysLA1kas.1.grd to understand that.

Thanks for the quick reply and making me think twice - turns out that the original grid was too small by 0.1 which I missed in my script mess - sorry about that! (I missed it because I thought grdcut would have complained but it just used as much of the grid as it could - which seems like an OK MO).

Thanks, and sorry again!