Grdedit operation

I am trying to rotate grids with the -E options of grdedit. Below is what I get for the operations as indicated in the title, “orig” is the input grid. These do make sense, sort of, but what’s the logic for not reversing the x axis bounds for -El (2…0 instead of 0…2), and the y axis for -Er (1…0 instead of 0…1)? Is there an option to do this?


All grids are right handed coordinate systems. If you want to reverse that you so via negative scale(s) in -J.

Right, makes sense, but the negative JX projection would leave the labeling in place.

Not sure I understand your comment. With -Jx-1i/1i etc the annotations go as you want (as does the grid), no?

It will display the right way around, but the coordinates won’t change? Maybe I am missing something.