Grdgradient and defining region

In a case of defining an region of e.g. -R-5/53/90/81r -JU+34/20c, how is grdgradient able to understand the area which is covered? There is no -J in grdgradient.

Ran into this issue while making a script in modern mode.

grdgradient [ERROR]: Unrecognized option -J

Isnt this the mapproject -R -J -WR situation?

Well, yes I guess. I`m just curious why this module doesnt have the -J option. Then you could skip the mapproject part, right?

I «feel» Ive seen similar non-plot modules have -J (and -R) without being able to point at one, right now.

There is grdcut as well. As you know, adding @earth_* is a relatively new thing and the consequence for how to select regions in various settings has not propagated through yet. I also think traditionally I like to be more in control of exactly what I get rather than use a black box approach (-R -J) to do it for me. So there is slowness related to that as well.

Makes very sense. Thanks Paul.