Grdgradient in pygmt

My current objective is to make a map of nothern Tanzania that shows the main structures (volcanoes and faults). I tried to use the example four from the gmt website but I get an error with the .gdrgradient module.

Do I need to install some library? Or is there another module ?
Thank you !

Please, post the errors as text. Not as screen-captures.

Noted. Here’s my code:

fig.basemap(region=region, projection=“M8i”, frame=True)#8i= taille, M=mercator
#fig.coast(W=“1p”, water=“skyblue”)
r=pygmt.makecpt(C=“copper”, T=“0/1500”,Z=True)
pygmt.grdgradient(grid="@eath_relief_01m", N=“e0.8”, A=“100”,f=“g”)
fig.grdimage(grid="@earth_relief_01m",R=region, C=“copper”, E=100)

Here’s the error:
makecpt [WARNING]: Without inc in -T option, -Z has no effect (ignored)
Traceback (most recent call last):

File “C:\Users\Maureen\Downloads\”, line 16, in
pygmt.grdgradient(grid="@eath_relief_01m", N=“e0.8”, A=“100”,f=“g”)

AttributeError: module ‘pygmt’ has no attribute ‘grdgradient’

grdgradient is not implemented in PyGMT yet.

OK thanks for your answer but is there another module or way to have a more detailed map? The output is just blur, we can’t see the volcanoes or main faults…

You can just add shading=True to your grdimage call.

Ok, sorry to bother you again but is there a way to tune the shading option or to increase the resoltution of the picture?

Yes, you can pass a string with illuminating parameters to the shading arg. e.g. shading='+a45+nt1'

Thanks, do you know if there is a documentation for this?