Grdimage: "nan_transparent=True" doesn't work when "shading=True"

The following ERROR is returned:

grdimage [ERROR]: Option -Q: Cannot specify a transparent color for grids when intensities are also used

Is this desirable? Welcome comments / suggestions, thank you!

Here’s what I’m running with:

PyGMT information:
version: v0.11.0

System information:
python: 3.12.2 | packaged by conda-forge | (main, Feb 16 2024, 20:42:31) [MSC v.1937 64 bit (AMD64)]
machine: Windows-11-10.0.22631-SP0

Dependency information:
numpy: 1.26.4
pandas: 2.2.1
xarray: 2024.2.0
netCDF4: 1.6.5
packaging: 23.2
contextily: 1.5.1
geopandas: 0.14.3
ipython: None
rioxarray: 0.15.1
ghostscript: 10.02.1

GMT library information:
binary version: 6.5.0
cores: 12
grid layout: rows
image layout:
padding: 2
version: 6.5.0

Hello Trevor.

I think that you are asking for a feauture that doesn’t exist.

Thanks for replying @Esteban82 – both “nan_transparent” and “shading” are still there (see image), but they don’t seem to be working together.

This is a PyGMT question and hence should posted under that category.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear.

Yes, both features exist but I think that they can’t be use at the same time.

Thanks @Esteban82 – that’s definitely a new “feature”. I’ll find a work-around.

Hmm, would it work if you pass a semi-transparent grid to the drapegrid parameter of grdview?