Grdtrack -Z overrides -s?

It appears that github GMT grdtrack has the -Z (only value output) override the -s option (suppress NaN). I would expect this

grdmath -R0/1/0/1 -I0.1 Y 0.5 GE 1 NAN = tmp.grd
for opt in "-s" "-s -Z";do
    echo $0: option $opt
    echo 0.5 0.75 | grdtrack -Gtmp.grd $opt
    echo 0.5 0.25 | grdtrack -Gtmp.grd $opt

to out only the y = 0.25 entry (grid is meant to be NaN for y > 0.5, zero else), but I get

> ./test_grdtrack
./test_grdtrack: option -s
0.5	0.25	0
./test_grdtrack: option -s -Z

Thanks Thorsten, has now been fixed in master. Please give it a spin and let us know if anything else shows up.

Thanks! Works now for my test cases.