Grdvector arrow head size


I am unable to fix the size of arrowhead (width and length) manually in the GMT version 5.4.5 which was possible in the older version of GMT. Following is my current line of code.

gmt grdvector u.grd v.grd -J -Q0.02i+b+a180+gblue -W0.2p,blue -Si30 > $out

Thank you

0.02 inches is a very short vector head - can you even see it? And +a180 would not even create a triangular head since your apex angle is 180. I should add an error message for that . Since I dont know what your region and projection is it is hard to tel if 30 km is the right scale and if it is a geographic plot (i.e., with geovectors) or a Cartesian plot (with Cartesian straight vectors).

Hi… Paul

Thank you for your response.
Actually, I used following code for the wind vectors:

cat ws.txt | awk '{print $1, $2, $4}' >
gmt xyz2grd -R79/92/25/32 -I0.5 -Gu.grd
cat ws.txt | awk '{print $1, $2, $5}' >
gmt xyz2grd -R79/92/25/32 -I0.5 -Gv.grd
gmt grdvector u.grd v.grd -Jx1d/1d -Q0.03i+b+a180+gblue -W0.6p,blue -Si30 -O -K >> $outf

I found the attached output for the above code.