Grdvector in lon/time instead of lon/lat

Hi there,

The question is pretty much in the title. I have a NetCDF file containing wind vectors :

float u(time, latitude, longitude) ;
float v(time, latitude, longitude) ;

But instead of plotting the arrows in lon-lat diagram, I’d like to plot them in lon-time.

The first step seems to be to average v for each time increment using grdfilter (-Fm[...] within my box of interest), then to plot it.

The question is how ? How do I achieve these two steps ?

Something like this :

Well, compute
lon, lat, time, angle, length

and plot -Sv but length must be in plot units

lon, time, angle, length

What do you mean ?

Something like

gmt grdvector $file?u[lon,time] $file?v[lon,time] 


No, I men psxy -Sv .... -Rlon/time

Hm, I’ll give it a shot. Thanks @Joaquim for the suggestion.