Greek symbols and escape characters

  • I cannot find a reference to the greek symbols mentioned in text and to be used in @~[octal code]@~, e.g. @~\327@~ to print a dot and @~p@~ to print pi (3.22. Character escape sequences). Is there a table or a link in the docs that I’m not able to see?
  • The escape tables presented in the links above; should they be identical? They contain some different wording and details.
  • Shouldn’t @[ be mentioned in the escape table, for using LaTeX expressions as well?

Have a look at the GMT Symbol octal codes for Greek letters:

Source: The Cookbook - 11. Chart of Octal Codes for Characters

Thanks @KristofKoch. I missed these and only noticed the Standard and ISOLatin tables.

You’re welcome @Andreas.

Concerning your two other questions:

  • Yes, the tables should be identical. Unfortunately the naming is different (escape sequence vs symbol), and the escape sequences for color and size are wrong in the text module description. They are missing their respective closing semicolon and colon. Correct usage is @;color; and @:size:

  • Yes, @[ needs to be mentioned as well. It is mentioned in the text module description but not in the Cookbook.

Generally the documentation needs improvement in this area. As an interims fix I opened an issue over on GitHub to have the missing semicolon and colon added.

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Nice, @KristofKoch!