Grids error

Hello, why GMT automatically plots grid line every 5 degrees?
gmt begin 1 ps
gmt basemap -JM6i -R30/47/10/34 -Ba2f2g0 -BWESN
gmt coast -W0.5p -W0.5p -N1/0.5p -G74
gmt end show

I do not see that in my postscript previewer - this is usually a result of the antialias settings of your viewer. There are no such lines in the PostScript file.

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I tried three outputs (ps, png, and pdf) and all gave these fake grids. Is this error a result of windows settings? I use GSview for ps files.

Not sure, this is a recurring thread… In fact (on macOS) my PDF shows the lines because I cannot (easily) control its antialias settings, but gv with PS and making a PNG gives no lines.
Perhaps @Joaquim has comments on the Windows side settings.

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I don’t see them. Can this be a GS issue? I keep using a safe and old ghostscript (9.23)

gmt coast -W0.5p -W0.5p -N1/0.5p -G74 -JM6i -R30/47/10/34 -Ba2f2g0 -BWESN -png lixo

Thank you for your response. I will check my system settings.

Thank you so much for your response.