Heads up for macOS Ventura and GMT .eps

The new release of macOS Ventura (13.x) has removed support in the Preview app for reading PostScript (.ps) and Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) files. The modern mode of GMT supports PDF and other file formats, but many old school GMT scripts create EPS files. I have long used macOS Preview to read EPS files from GMT because it often did a better job of rendering the file than reading the EPS in Adobe Illustrator.
See this article for some details:

Thanks Eric for posting that. I kind of knew as I noticed open failed to open a PS file I created when testing a bug. But for any actual work I have long abandoned PS. For vector graphics anyone should consider just going with GMT 6 default PDF which gives you more options for any further embellishment.

Oh, I did not know that GMT 6 classic mode supports PDF. I thought I would have to change to modern mode.

No, sorry, I mislead you there. Classic GMT produces PostScript as before (even GMT modern mode writes PostScript as the intermediate format since that is one of possible output formats) but in classic mode would presumably manually end one’s script with a call to gmt psconvert to turn that PostScript into something useful [this is what modern mode gmt end does under the hood for you; and gmt end show even opens up the plot in the required viewer].

modern mode is plain GMT in fancy clothes, plus subplot and inset

Thanks for the clarification!