Hello ... Question on Graphics

New to GMT … stumbled across it looking for alternatives for Geosoft Oasis Montaj for crustal magnetic signal processing, gridding and mapping. Looks like a must have tool.

I do have a question on graphics. What graphics API does it use? I haven’t seen any documentation on that. I am an OpenGL enthusiast so was hoping that what is under the hood.

Looking forward to collaborating with the GMT community.


GMT was built to make publication-quality graphics and uses PostScript, from which we can derive PDR or rasters. It is not interactive graphics.

Got it … thank you. I imagine I could use GMT for the number crunching and then add my own OpenGL interactive graphics as well as graphical user interfaces (e.g., X-Windows). Do you have any advice on that approach?

I would be interested in that but X-Windows tech seems to be a dead end and not Windows friendly (fundamental for my interest). It’s almost unix only (I managed to make work simple things on Windows but it’s too painful), and Apple break it all the time (vide painful life the MB-system users on Macs).

An alternative that I’ve been waiting to mature a bit more regarding widgets and menus is this Julia package. Note that GMT.jl already let GMT communicate with Makie. I can make 3D views spin amazingly fast, but did not advance in the path more then a prove of concept.

Hello again … I was wondering if it would be possible to obtain a few (maybe 30 or so) PostScript or JPEG samples that were produced by GMT … perhaps the earth rotating. I would like to incorporate an animation in an X-Windows/OpenGL display as a proof of concept to try to leverage GMT capabilities. I can display a texture map in OpenGL so I am thinking of using that mechanism for this. If there is a repository of sample files that someone can point out to me I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!