Help me

I recently found this Help vampires (manifest?), which rung a bell on me because it’s like I already knew it without knowing and I feel those bats are biting me.

If ~new users read this, at least, please, please update your GMT version to latest before reporting any bug/error/not-working/etc


Ahaha :smile:

Now you can suggest them to formulate a question in a way ChatGPT or Copilot could produce the result.

We would already be very happy if they … formulate the question well, than Kristof’s copilot could point the route.

Tho… I feel that “being drained by vampires” is sometimes complacency for just being impatient with people having a more challenging relationship with programming (or technology in general).

Even if some people aren’t putting much effort to articulate their question properly, or take the time to look for the answer beforehand, or have just a different education … I feel the need to remind that what’s obvious, good practice, or simply clearly explained for us (and even more so for you guys the devs) is not necessarily widely spread among [insert techno here] users.

It sure is irritating when it happens, especially when the least amount of effort is made :

It’s all the more easy for helpers because they have a history with the forum and are more likely to know what to look for (as shown above).

No doubt everybody is already aware of all that, but still, repetition is not always a bad thing (see what I did here?)

Time is what one can lack of, patience and empathy is what one can choose. At least, it’s how I try to see it … after lunch.

I’ll reply in ~20 years to see if you still have this willing to happily spend your time searching the history to find what could have been found by “Whom this is concerned”.

And, liking or not, I think I already notice this draining effect in the number/timing of replies.