Help to add add examples in GMT-examples?


I am looking at the Contribuitiong Guide of the gmt-examples.

I am interested on contributing a new examples. Do I need to follow the steps " Setting up your environment" and “Building the documentation” to do that?
Or I can follow directly the instructions in “Contribuiting New Examples”?

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Great to hear that you’re interesting in building up the examples!

The “setting up your environment” and “building the documentation” sections are for previewing the documentation. If you want to directly follow the instructions in “contributing new examples” and open a PR that’s also fine, but you won’t be able to build html files to see the results without having all the dependencies installed.

Thanks Max. So it is not necessary but recomended.

In the case of building the docs, them the first step would be to clone the repository, right?

Hey @Esteban82, nice to hear that. I’ll follow your paths and keep one eye in this topic. (Thanks @maxrjones too !).

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Thanks @andrebelem

When I run make html (when Building the Documentation) I got the following warnings. Should I worry? What should I do?

/home/federico/Software/gmt-examples/docs/index.rst:: WARNING: archivo de imagen no legible:_images/grdview_surface-gmtplot-0.png
/home/federico/Software/gmt-examples/docs/index.rst:: WARNING: archivo de imagen no legible:_images/coastlines-gmtplot-4.png

You can ignore it now. These warnings are caused by breaking changes in sphinx_gmt, which will be addressed later.

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