Hillshade frame

Hi! I noticed that the frame changes when I use the hillshade map compared to when I’m plotting it using only the “fig.coast” . The directions(N,E) were missing, and also there is always a “.0” at the end of every coordinate. What I’m missing?

grid = pygmt.datasets.load_earth_relief(resolution="30s",region=region)
dgrid = pygmt.grdgradient(grid=grid, radiance=[270, 30])
fig = pygmt.Figure()
pygmt.makecpt(cmap="gray", series=[-1.5, 0.3, 0.01])
fig.grdimage(grid=dgrid, projection= 'M25',cmap = True)
fig.coast(region = region, projection= 'M25',frame=['a2f2', 'WSne'], shorelines=True, water = 'skyblue',resolution = 'f')

well, you explicitly specified exactly that format with pygmt.config(FORMAT_GEO_MAP="ddd.x")
see details at gmt.conf — GMT 6.3.0 documentation

try plotting without this line.

oh I see. It works well after I removed the line. Thank you