How represent colour bar with log scale?

Hi Everyone,
I just want to show my color bar with log scale. May someone suggest me how can I fixed this.

(Here is my script: no so professional because i am new to pygmt)

fig = pygmt.Figure()
df = pygmt.blockmean(data=data, region=region, spacing=spacing)
grd = pygmt.xyz2grd(data=df, region=region, spacing=spacing)
df = pygmt.blockmean(data=data, region=region, spacing=spacing, summary="n")
grd = pygmt.xyz2grd(data=df, region=region, spacing=spacing,)

fig.grdimage(grid=grd,region=region,cmap=True, frame=["a0.05f"],)
fig.coast(land="black", transparency=0, map_scale="jBR+w1k+o0.5c/0.8c+a+lkm")
fig.colorbar(frame=["a+lEq.count (","a3000",], scale=1, position="g-130.045/45.90+w8c/0.5c+h",)
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Hi Adnan,

Looks like we haven’t aliased log to Q yet for colorbar, but try using fig.colorbar(..., Q=True). Reference:

Oh, and if you want the CPT to be log scale also, you can also do pygmt.makecpt(..., log=True) as per


Hi Weiji,
Thanks for your useful comment. I have attempted with both approaches but none of them work, they output is just mask the whole figure as black layout. Is there any other way out for this.
Thank you!

Can you attach your figure (before and after the log scaling)? Just want to a see how it looks like.

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Hi Weiji,
Here is the figure without log scaling

When i modify my make cpt with Q=true
(below line)
pygmt.makecpt(cmap=‘white,blue,red’,series=[0,15000,3000],continuous=True, Q=True)

the result will be like this.