How to add text in animation 12?

I am making an animation based on the official animation 12.

How can I add text to it (like the date)?

I try gmt text but It didn’t work. I think because that script is to create new images (with grdmix) and not typical GMT maps where I could use text.

I think I could use gmt image and them gmt text. Is that the optimal way?

Yes.The anim 12 is a batch job building images directory so there is no plotting going in, hence gmt text has nothing to do. You could turn things into a plot by using image to place the plot and then you can add text etc as normally done. I think that is the only way. It will be slower but it lets you add overlays as normally done in movie. So it will no longer be a batch script but a movie script,

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Ok. Thanks.

The advantage of gmt batch is that I don’t need to worry about the canvas.