How to apply non-default GMT font like Arial for all texts that appear in the PyGMT figure (ex. number, text, label, etc.)

Hi. I am using PyGMT to draw map. Using fig.text(), I could add option font=10p,Helevetica-Bold to use the GMT default font, but unfortunately, Arial is not included as the default GMT font. However, I should use Arial because of journal guideline for figure. In this case, I have two questions.

  1. How can I use Arial in PyGMT if I have the downloaded font in .ttf format?

  2. How can I set the desired font for all texts such as numbers and labels and not only for fig.text()? Is it possible to set kind of “default” font for entire PyGMT (it seems that Helvetica is the default) by adding option to pygmt.config()?

Currently, I only set pygmt.config(FORMAT_GEO_MAP="ddd.x") to draw the map.

A little bit complicated, I don’t have a full solution, but to get you started:

  1. To use a non-default font, see and for ideas. I’m not sure if a .ttf file would work, but maybe someone else on the forum will know.

  2. To use the new font for all text, do pygmt.config(FONT="Arial"). The FONT config should change all the font to the one you set. As an aside, the list of available postscript fonts are at

An alternative way would be to save your figure as a vector format (e.g. eps/pdf) and edit the font in a program like Inkscape or Illustrator. I’m surprised that a journal would have a guideline for the figure’s font type, but if you’re sure that is what they want, then good luck!