How to change the width and color of the box frame in psxy plot

Dear experts, i want to plot a gmt graph using psxy command and the three column data attached below, however i need to change the box frame width and its color to blue instead of default black. I tried the below code but it doesn’t change the box frame color to blue and it’s width.i am using GMT version 5.3 in ubuntu platform.


awk ‘{print $2, $3}’ | gmt psxy -R1960/2000/0/30 -JX5/8 -Sb0.1 -G255/0/0
-Ba10f5/a5f1 -W9/0/0/250 -P -K -X5 -Y8 >


data is attached here in the name of

01 1963 11
02 1964 8
03 1965 8
04 1966 4
05 1967 0

Something like this thread ?

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Can you please help me for my data set provided above and code…i am new to gmt.

In the thread linked above, the code changes the frame style :
--MAP_FRAME_PEN=steelblue2 --MAP_TICK_PEN=steelblue2

MAP_FRAME_PEN refers to the axis colour while MAP_TICK_PEN to the ticks colour.

I assume you can find similar options for the width in this part of the documentation.

gmt begin test png
gmt basemap -R1960/2000/0/30 -JX5/8 -Bxa10f5 -Bya5f1  --MAP_FRAME_PEN=red --MAP_TICK_PEN=blue
gmt end show
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@PlanetGus, can the frame line be dotted instead of solid line, please suggest.

Don’t know … I guess you have to play around with the options from the doc I shared or wait for someone more seasoned to help.

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ok sir, waiting for the experts reply on this.

You mean this?

gmt begin test png
gmt basemap -R1960/2000/0/30 -JX5/8 -Bxa10f5 -Bya5f1  --MAP_FRAME_PEN=1p,red,- --MAP_TICK_PEN=blue
gmt end show
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Thanks both of you @PlanetGus and @seisman for your quick reply. I solved it because of you.