How to clip data outside the circle

Hello everyone,

I am new to the GMT and I have to plot the colorful contours to show my data. I am using grdimage for contouring the map the circle with 200 km radius is drawn using following command
gmt psxy Site.txt $LIM $Proj -Sc -SE-400k -W1p,white.

I think it is not an efficient way but unfortunately, I do not know any other way.
Can anybody please help me how to clip/trim/cut data outside the circle? should only show the contours inside white circle.

thank you!


Just use gmt clip wher you can provide the contour defining the region to be clipped. May be you can directly specify a circle, in the clip command but there I am not sure.

Have a look at clip module.

An example here.

	gmt clip $region $projection gbas.txt
	gmt grdimage -C -B+t"# events per area"
	gmt clip -C