How to clip image to region of interest?

Hello everyone. I am fresh to GMT. I have a global grid and overlay it on a base map using grdimage, I know pscoast -S or -G can clip the image using the coastline, but that’s global coastline. Nevertheless, I only want to show the image in my region of interest, saying, Greenland, and show the base map outside of Greenland. How to achieve that? Thanks.

Hi @Octopus, I’m not sure that I fully understood your question but if clipping is what you are seeking, there is this GMT module psclip that may help you.

Try using pscoast -EGL -M > greenland.txt
and use that with psclip to set up a clip path.

Thanks @pwessel @Joaquim, I successfully clipped the image using psclip, with clipping path generated from pscoast -EGL -M > greenland.txt.
However, I have another question on the cpt. I will open a new thread on that.