How to creat a bathymetric map showing the surrounding rivers?

Hi! I am a beginner in GMT. I want to create a high-resolution background bathymetric map showing the surrounding rivers of the Indian Ocean (70°E to100°E and -5°N to 30°N) showing the elevation scale. Can anybody instruct me or help me by constructing the code to generate the map? Thanks in advance.

See grdimage first (with remote dataset like @earth or others), then coast.
Both are well documented :slight_smile:

The general framework would be:
gmt begin mymap png
gmt grdimage -R(region) -J(projection) […] #first layer
gmt coast […] # second layer, which remembers the region and projection from first one
gmt end show

Also, see for example

Thank you for your reply.
However, I expect a more constructive and clear solution with an example to build up the map. Could you please help me by telling me the details with a complete example?
I appreciate any help you can provide.

Don’t think you are exempt from reading the documentation?

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