How to create map plots with my own values? GMT Version 6.1.0 [64-bit]

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I am new to GMT and I am only aware of how to import external files for different color gradients in a map.

But, I want to import my values and display them in color gradients for a different latitude and longitude. Can you please help me to create similiar plots as in image?

Hey @Sujata, can you elaborate a little more ?
If I understood, you have an external file with your own data (in a gird format ? or XYZ triplets ?).

Depending of your answer there are different solutions.
Basically you have to turn your points into a grid (x = longitude, y = latitude and z = your data) and use grdimage or grdcontour. But deciding what to do first depends on what kind of data you have.

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Hello Andre
Thank you for your answer.

Exactly, I have Latitude, longitude, and error data.

You have to use xyz2grd.
Check out this example here (jump to Examples on the bottom of the page).

Note that you should have an idea beforehand about the spatial distribution of your data, as the grid spacing argument will profoundly interfere with your interpolation (in terms of quality).

You can also use psxy to at least plot this distribution. Large spaces between data will return bad grids. Ideally, you should also prepare your file to contain longitude, latitude, error (in that order) as it will be interpreted as x = longitude, y = latitude, z = your data, so you can build an efficient grid.

I also recommend you explore some solutions in the tutorials here


Okay, Thank you very much, Andre!