How to get a string (from time values) to create frames for animantions?

In the animation 14 the following command is used to generate all the frame:

gmt math -o0 -T1981-09-01T/2018-01-02T/7d T = times.txt

Is there any way to use gmt info (or some other module) to read a data table and get the string for gmt math (-T1981-09-01T/2018-01-02T/7d)? In this case, would be something like gmt info data.txt -T7d ?

I try the following (in another file) but it didn’t work:

gmt info Datos/query.csv -h1 -T1
gmt info Datos/query.csv -h1 -T1 --TIME_UNIT=h

and for both I get:

Then, when I run the animation, I get gmtmath [ERROR]: Option T: Increment is zero

I think it is just not implemented for absolute time. Please make a github feature request from this.

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I wanted to check first. Thanks.

It was fixed on master.