How to get the real value for Automatic GMT settings?

When I use the automatic flag option, how could I know the real value of, for example, the width frame?

gmt begin map png
    gmt basemap -Baf -R0/1/0/1 -JX10/5c
    frame=$(gmt get MAP_FRAME_WIDTH)
    echo $frame
    gmt math -Q $frame 2 ADD =
gmt end

In this case, the value of $frame is auto. I would like to know the real value to be able to make calculations for the drawing or as input of -Y.

I think you cannot. Better to set a specific frame width and then all is well.

So, should I make a request?

You can, but I am not convinced why you cannot set it to what you need. And should this apply to any setting that is auto? Who will code this?

Because I will lose the advanteges of the Automatic setting. But, I see your point.