How to highlight water body (Dam and river channel) on map?

Hi everyone,

There is a water body in my figure area, but when I try to show the water body with blue color, i unable to see on map. May someone suggest me how can I highlight the water body.

here is my script:

minlon, maxlon = 72.4, 73.2
minlat, maxlat = 33.8, 34.5
region=[minlon, maxlon, minlat, maxlat]
grid = pygmt.datasets.load_earth_relief(resolution="03s", region=region)
fig = pygmt.Figure()
fig.grdimage(grid=grid,region=region,projection='M4i',shading=True,frame=True, cmap="topo")
fig.coast(shorelines=True, frame=True, water="blue", map_scale='jBL+w10k+o0.6c/0.65c+f')

Try the rivers option for fig.coast() with a blue pen. Maybe add rivers="a/0.25p,blue,solid".

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