How to increase the frame interval in pygmt?

Dear all,
I wonder whether it is possible to increase the interval of the ticks of the frame in pygmt? It is well documented for GMT but I’ve failed converting the command to pygmt.

The part of the code is below and the part of the map is down there.

#Map generation with PYGMT
KWARGS = dict( grid='@earth_relief_03s' , region= region , projection='M10i', cmap='terra', frame="af"  )

fig = pygmt.Figure()

#plot topography
fig.grdimage(shading=True,  **KWARGS) 


I’m confident there should be something included to frame =“af” but no idea what it would be.

Any suggestion is welcome…

Best wishes from Istanbul


It has the same/similar syntax as GMT command lines.

You can use arguments like frame="a0.5f" to adjust the intervals.

Dear @seisman,
Your suggestion worked :slight_smile:


Thank you very much.