How to install get latest version on mac

Hello everybody,

Please, I am totally new to this site and gmt. So, can someone please assist me on the easiest way of installing gmt latest version? I did download gmt stable 6.0 from a site as well as macport and visual source code but after writing the necessary scripts (an exercise though) the map doesn’t plot.

It would be helpful if you showed your script and the error messages you received , if any.

Thank you so much @pwessel for taking your time to reply to my message. I was able to resolve the problem myself. Currently, watching your tutorial on youtube and it seems very interesting and helpful. So, keep up with the good work and science needs people like you.


Actually I have same problem I think… I have installed the MacOs bundle then I don’t know what to do… the terminal is not showing and the get is not working

I noted that MacPorts now has the version 6.1.0 for the “gmt6” port when I did an update last week. That can be an easy option for installation on a Mac.