How to install old versions of GMT using brew (macOS)

I just installed GMT 6.1.0 using brew and everything works fine! However, I need to help debug a problem and I was asked to try 6.0.0. The problem is that I can not figure out how to reinstall 6.0.0 using brew.

I used to use something like this

brew install gmt@6.0.0

but that doesn’t work. I also looked in the /usr/local/Cellar/gmt, but only version 6.1.0 is there and the 6.0.0. version was somehow deleted (why???).

It is possible that I am doing something really stupid, but it just appears as if the 6.0.0 version no longer exists on my computer, and that the formula for building 6.0.0 no longer exists either.

I guess you need to find the 6.0.0 formula. Brew formulas are in github so it should be possible to to get previous versions with git commands. I’m looking at formula but it gives an error when trying to generate the history.

Hi Mark,

I just saw your post here - you’ve most likely solved this issue by now but I went through a similar exercise recently in order to use Ghostscript v9.5 with recent the GMT. I’ve generated a formula for GS9.5 which you can find here. If you follow the same syntax as in the repository, it should be straightforward to get homebrew to install an older version of GMT.