How to label latitude in Azimuthal distribution projection Map

I have problem with labelling the latitude angle in the azimuthal projection map i have tried to add label in last gmt psbasemap line using -Bya30 but it gives nothing. i have uploaded the figure i am getting from the lines of script below and also uploading the figure i want which has labelling. (965.0 KB)

set -x

gmt psbasemap -R0/360/-90/0 -JS0/-90/90/5i \
    -Bxa45 -B+t"Epicentral Location of Earthquake" -Xc -Yc -K -P >

gmt pscoast -Rg -JE78.056/30.323/95/5i -Dc \
    -Gwheat -Sskyblue -K -O -P >>
#gmt psbasemap -Rg -JE0/-90/175/5i -Bxg45 -Byg30 -K -O -P >>

cat s_events |awk '{print $5,$4}' > tmpn.xy
cat s_events1 |awk '{print $7,$6}' > tmpn1.xy
cat s_eventss |awk '{print $2,$1}' > sta.xy
cat s_eventss |awk '{print $2,$1,$3,$4,$5}' > label_s.dat
gmt pstext label_s.dat -R -JE -F+f+j -D0.16i/0i -K -O >>
gmt psxy sta.xy -R -JE -St0.18i -Gblack -K -O >>
gmt psxy tmpn.xy -R -JE -Sc0.075i -G255/0/0 -Wwhite -K -O >>
gmt psxy tmpn1.xy -R -JE -Sc0.075i -G255/0/0 -Wwhite -K -O >>

gmt psbasemap -Rg -JE0/-90/95/5i -Byg30 -K -O -P >>