How to make the envelope transparent in PyGMT

Hi GMT experts,

How do I make my envelope transparent? I have tried this:

fig.plot(data=df2,  close="+b+p0.5p,lightpink1", pen="1p,lightpink1", fill="lightpink1",transparency=80)

I have also tried to set @80 in close, pen, and fill, but with no results.

My PyGMT version is 0.10.1.dev259

Hello @Sistjerne,

which GMT and gostscript versions you are using (please post the output of python -c "import pygmt; pygmt.show_versions()")?
Please note, that in GMT 6.4 transparency is not work with gs 10.02.0, and users have to use 9.54 and 9.56. GMT 6.5 supports gs 10.02.0 and the transparency should work. See also Fig.grdimage transparency no longer working.

Thanks for your quick reply.

My GMT version was 6.4.0 and Ghostscript 10.02.1, but I could make transparent plots eg. making histograms. I have now updated to GMT version 6.5.0. It took a while, but I have now tested my script with the updated GMT, and it works perfectly!

Thank you very much!