How to make thickness map using gmt

Hii experts, i want to make a moho thickness map for the receiver function studies.can anybody suggest some reference code for the same.Thanks.

Do you want to make a map of Moho depth from other data or do some kind of extraction of Moho depth from receiver functions?

There aren’t any “reference codes” for specific problems, you’ll have to write your own. Here’s a workflow that I suggest:

gmt blockmean
gmt surface
gmt grd2cpt
gmt grdimage

Please refer the GMT manual to understand how these functions work. The input to blockmean will be your xyz (lon, lat, depth) point measurements of Moho depth.

Dear @EJFielding I already estimated the moho depths of each seismic station by the help of receiver functions.Now i need to do the image plot of the depths at each station over a basemap.Can you please suggest a solution for the same.

Maybe you can plot a symbol with a color based on its depths (as the earthquakes in this example

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