How to make your own map

Hello all. I am new to this forum and this is my first topic.
Sorry in advance for my poor English.
My name is Jonathan and I’m working in an airline company that does agricultural work.
I am looking for a program that I can make my own maps and calibrate the map pictures as I need.
I will explain:
I used to work with Memory Map program.
After uploading 4 TIF files to the program and
after calibrating with the same geographic points on the 4 maps with the same coordinates - I did a test:
I made a route on Memory Map and sent it via GPX file to my AIRNAV PRO AVIATION APP.
After opening the GPX file on my AIRNAV PRO AVIATION APP - I noticed a big deviation between the route I have planned on the Memory Map program and the AIRNAV PRO AVIATION APP.
After seeing the deviation, I went back to Memory Map program on my PC and did a comparison between the 4 maps and I saw a deviation although all the 4 maps have the same correct geographic coordinates.

Another example
Look at the picture with the blue route and compare it to the picture with the pink route. see the deviation.
I need serious help. I’m not sure what has happened to the Memory Map program but I can’t work like this.
Unfortunately the support center is very poor.
I have put on 4 different TIF files the same geographic points with the exact same coordinates. Every map shows me a different route and a different “Mark” location and different geographical locations.
I’ll explain what I need:
I need the 4 TIF files convertes to a map and to be exactly the same with the same geographic points and with the exact same coordinates. On the 4 maps I plan different routs. After planning the different routs, I export them to my email and open them with a Ipad Tablet using Memory Map APP and AirNav Pro app.

Please guys, any help will be appreciated
I need a program that can do all this work.
Calibrating and mapping.
Thanks in advance

Hi Yonatan,
Welcome here and let me say that your English is not poor, but to be honest your description of the problem is. I could only get a very vague idea of what are trying to accomplish. It looks you want to reference images using GPS track data. Is that it? If yes, you first must learn GDAL that can do the georeferencing with its gdalwarp program and then you can use GMT to do the plottings.

QGIS has a nice georeferencer. If you prefer a GUI.