How to plot a circle with specific center and specific radius

I would like to plot one circle with specific center and with specific radius lenght (e.g., 5km) in a gmt map.
Which command should I use?

Could you please help me?

Thanking you in advance

I think this and this might help.

For modern mode psxy is just plot

I am using the following commands but I can not see the circle.

makecpt -Cglobe -T-5000/5000/100 -V > rlf.cpt

gmtset ANOT_FONT_SIZE 400
gmtset ANOT_OFFSET 1.5
**gmtset LABEL_FONT_SIZE 14 **
**gmtset DEGREE_FORMAT 5 **
**gmtset FRAME_WIDTH 0.15 **
gmtset TICK_LENGTH 0.2
gmtset DOTS_PR_INCH 400

psbasemap -JM16 -R26/26.6/38.2/38.5 -Lf20.0/34.5/34.6/100 -Ba0.1f0.1g1 -K -O -V >>

pscoast -JM16 -R26/26.6/38.2/38.5 -Ba0.1f0.1g1 -Glightbrown -Sdodgerblue -Df -N1/0.5p,- -W0.5p,black -X1.5 -V -Lf26.05/38.25/38.25/5+l -P -K >>

psxy xydist.txt -W2,red,- -SE- -R26/26.6/38.2/38.5 -B10 >>

xydist.txt has the following information:

x y radius (in degrees)
26.2997 38.3306 0.1349

I am sure that something’s going wrong with the line but I can not find out.

Could you please help me?xydist.txt (22 Bytes)

From man page for -SE it says

For allowable geographical units, see Units [Default is k for km]. So if you want to pass degrees you need to pass

26.2997 38.3306 0.1349d

Oh, @pwessel was faster :

gmt pscoast -JM16  -R26/26.6/38.2/38.5 -Bafg1 -Glightbrown -Sdodgerblue -Df -N1/0.5p,- -Wthin,black -Lf26.05/38.25/38.25/5+l -P -K > 
gmt psxy -R -J -Wthicker,red,- -SE- -K -O << EOF >>
26.2997 38.3306 0.1349d
gmt psbasemap -R -J -Bafg -O >>