How to plot a map which shows parameters shift


I am trying to plot a map which shows parameter shift here epicentral shift for events. The parameters are events initial and final (long,lat) data as shown in data.dat. I plotted few of test data on map, the data and map are below;
data.dat (377 Bytes)

I am interested to plot my data as shown in below Reference figure. In this figure circles on map shows events original locations while line shows the direction and amplitude of epicentral shift.

Anyone knows how to plot parameters shift using their (initial and final values), such as here how to plot events (data.dat) on map like as shown in reference figure? Kindly share the procedure. Thanks.

Using plot -Sv or -SV ?

And you play with the vector attributes to add a circle at the starting point, and keep just a stem at the tipping point ?

Thanks for your hint. I have tried with various attributes of (Sv), but not getting the desired output map. I used the following code and resulting map are;

awk '{print $1, $2, $3, $4}' data.dat | gmt plot -JM8c -R125/130/25/30 -Sv0.5c+bc+e -W0.5p -Gred -Baf -png Map

Kindly have a look on above command with attached data (data.dat above) and check which attribute settings with (Sv) can be used to get the desired figure as in reference. Thanks.

  1. Looks like you just need to color your pen red and play with +p for no outline?
  2. What is the purpose of the awk command? Why not just -i0:3 or none at all?

Have a look at the doc page (see the examples at the bottom of the page)