How to plot many hypocenters joined with lines

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I need to plot 2 circles of different color, the red color represents the hypocenter located by one network, while the blue circle represents the hypocenter located by another network. These must be joined by a line to identify that we are visualizing the same event as the circles in the image attached.
I tried this code, but I can only plot one hypocenter and not the amount that i need and also i can’t change the colors of the circles:

psxy data.txt -R -J -O -K -W1 -Sc.3 -G255/0/0 >> $ {region} .ps
psxy data.txt -R -J -O -K -W5 /0/0/255 >> $ {region} .ps

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Can you post a few lines from data.txt to show how it is formatted?

Of course,

-71.3932 -53.3570
-71.6950 -53.3785

Are the hypocenters from the two networks in the same file or separate files?

A couple simple comments about the example code:
psxy data.txt -R -J -O -K -W5 /0/0/255 >> $ {region} .ps
-G is missing before 0/0/255 for setting the fill color. e.g., -G0/0/255.
-S is missing for setting the symbol. Without -S, GMT expects to find the sizes and symbol as data columns in data.txt.

In this case, to get the following image I ordered the data this way:

Longitude 1 Latitude 1
Longitude 2 Latitude 2

Thanks for the correction! but when adding the -S I don’t get the line that joins both circles

-S it is just to plot a symbol. The line is drawn with -W.
You can use both and you will get a line and a circle (or another symbol).
If you use only -S you will get a symbol and if you only use -W you will get a line.

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