How to plot multiple legends in one plot

Hello all,
I am a student, new in GMT, I have a plot as shown below and I want to plot the legend but i could only see one legend instead of three. Please, can someone help me.

gmt begin time series.png
gmt psxy -R1/365/2.200/2.300 -JX12.4i/7.4i ztd_3.dat -W1.15p,Blue, -Bxa30f1+l"days" -Bya0.02f1+l"delay" >
gmt psxy -R1/365/2.200/2.300 -JX12.4i/7.4i ztd_7.dat -W1.15p,Red, -Bxa30f1+l"days" -Bya0.02f1+l"delay" >
gmt psxy -R1/365/2.200/2.300 -JX12.4i/7.4i ztd_E.dat -W1.15p,Black, -Bxa30f1+l"days" -Bya0.02f1+l"delay" >

gmt makecpt -Cpanoply -T-8/8 -H > tt.cpt
gmt legend -R1/365/2.200/2.300 -Jx12.4i/7.4i -Dx0.3i/0.3i+w1.15i+jBL+l1.2 -C0.1i/0.1i -F+p+gwhite+r << EOF>> tsebeje.dat
S 0.1i - 0.3i 187 0.40p 0.4i
#S 0.1i - 0.3i Blue 0.40p 0.4i
#S 0.1i - 0.3i Black 0.40p 0.4i

  1. Strange mix of modern and classic mode is no good (if gmt begin is commented out, it is classic, so need -O -K etc.) Stick to modern mode. If you are a new user, especially
  2. plot instead of psxy in modern, and delete all the duplicate -R -J -B arguments after the first
  3. Just add -l"days" to your plot calls and no need for that legend call.
  4. Not sure what tsebeje.dat is for?
  5. Given the comments you only have one point in your legend file.

Good day sir, thank you for your prompt response to my request. I effected the changes as suggested but it was not giving me a desired result. Please, see below the code.
gmt plot -R1/365/2.200/2.300 -JX12.4i/7.4i ztd_3.dat -W1.15p,Blue, -Bxa30f1+1-l"days" -Bya0.02f1+l"delay" >
gmt plot 1/365/2.200/2.300 X12.4i/7.4i ztd_7.dat -W1.15p,Red, xa30f1+1-l"days" ya0.02f1+l"delay" >
gmt plot 1/365/2.200/2.300 X12.4i/7.4i ztd_E.dat -W1.15p,Black, xa30f1+1-l"days" ya0.02f1+l"delay" >

Presumable no go since you are using “plot” in classic mode. If I try that I get

gmt [ERROR]: Shared GMT module not found: plot

ERROR: No module named plot was found. This could mean one of four cases:

1. There actually is no such module; please check your spelling.
2. You used a modern mode module name while running in GMT classic mode.
3. Module exists in the GMT supplemental library, but the library could not be found.
4. Module exists in a GMT custom library, but none was specified via GMT_CUSTOM_LIBS.

Shared libraries must be in standard system paths or set via environmental parameter DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH.

Also, there are no -O -K handling and you are overwriting your previous each time Time to look at some examples in the gallery I think to see how to do basic stuff.

If you are unable to post a full script or simplification of it and attach data for it then we are unable to be very helpful. As it is this is not a script that can work since there are so many omissions and mistakes in it.