How to plot three grids with the same color bar to best apperciate the Measured, Calculed and the Misfit Gravity of the same region?

is it not possibility to I, to plot three grid/map with the same color bar for best compare and appreciate our result (mesured, computed and misfit grid);

I would like to compare three, but once I plot the three grids are different and even the colors appearing on the grids are not uniform from one grid to another and also on the color bar where the scale are not coincide.

i wish to have the package to overcome it, it is possible to do.


Yes, of course you can use the same color bar for many plots. Create a CPT with makecpt and use it for the three grids. Other than that, it is not possible for us to know what you actually tried since you did not post any code example or plot result.

thanks Prof
this is the code used

gmt(‘makecpt’, sprintf(’-Cpanoply %s -N > Colorbar1.cpt’,color_range));

Well, if you use grdimage -CColorbar1.cpt then all your plots for different grdfiles will be be using the same CPT and hence the same translation from z-value to color. If they look different it will be because the grids are different. The CPT is the same.

I understood Prof

this isssus is quite interessting me because to compare three data where the second is the modelled version of the first and the third is the misfit existing between the first and the second data it is confortable for us that every color (values rangr) depicted in the first grid being present in the other to the best appreciation the quality of our work.
that’s why i’m borthered