How to project Antarctica using Polar Stereographic Projection

Hello everyone,
Please, I need assistance on using Polar Stereographic Projection to project Antarctica with true scale at 71 degrees South. The region under consideration is -R-180/180/-90/-60 and I used the following syntax in the photo below and others but it failed to give the desired result. Thanks.


Not sure, but does



no sir, many thanks

Please define what were the desired results

Thank you very much, yes I tried the suggestion by @Andreas, but its failed in the sense that after projecting it, I converted the projected file to but the Z-column gave NaN for almost all lines. My aim is to project Antarctica bedrock grid then convert it to xyz files thereafter use it as an input file for my software. As such the software cannot work with xyz (NaN) after projection. Please I need help on this @ all

My reading of the paper in the screenshot is that the data is already in the Polar Stereographic Projection, and that there is no reprojection needed (but I could be wrong). Could you provide the output of gmt grdinfo topo.grd so that we know more about the grid you are trying to reproject.

Thank you very much, however, the dataset in the paper was not in polar stereographic projection at the initial points. The authors converted the grid dataset to the projected form then use it, which is similar to what I want to achieve. That is convert the grid to Polar stereographic projection with a true scale at 71S. Attach is the grid info

So the reprojection seems to be done correctly. If you want to fill in the NaN values, perhaps look at gmt grdfill? E.g. a command like:

gmt grdfill topo2m.grd -An -Gtopo2m_filled.grd

where -An does a nearest neighbour interpolation fill.