How to put color on the topography map so that background topography will be shown

Hii, experts, I have made a gmt topography basemap, now i need to put some color on the map so that the background topography should be shown as attached here Can anybody suggest some example scripts or some idea on that

That is just plotting some colored polygons with transparency so the shading from the base relief shows through.

Thanks for your reply.However as per your suggestion i have selected an area and i put the red color on that by -Gred@50 but there is no changes …the red color filled up in the selected area and does not show the background topography what i actually want.Can you please provide some example lines of code that can do this job done.

You are doing it right. A couple of suggestions for why it is not working:

  1. Transparency is only viewable if you convert the PostSCript to PDF or a raster. In PostScript it is all opaque.
  2. ghostscript has had a lot of bugs related to transparency. We are using 9.50 since any later and some of the earlier broke transparency. Another fix is coming in 9.53? this fall.

Thanks. I will check and get back to you soon.

Well, then your ghostscript is broken. What version are you using?

Thanks…it solved my problem.