How to reverse the longitude range?

Hi, all.
How can I get a 360~0 longitude instead of the default 0~360 one (as shown by figures attached).

I am using GMT 5.4 with command as follows:

gmt psxy -R0/360/-90/90 -JQ14c -Bx360+l"Lon" -By90+l"Lat" -BWSEN -K -P >

By using the Cartesian coordinates and add negative sign, e.g., -JX-14c/7c (as shown here) it does the job, but not for the geographical coordinates like -JQ-14c/7c.

Any suggestions?

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For Venus I think you set – FORMAT_GEO_OUT=-D

Yes, but
1- We have a little bug there. It starts at 0, then -300, -…
2- it goes from -360 to 0. Not 360 to 0

O think -360 to 0 is correct - it is west longitude. To format it to say 360 or 360W is a separate issue.

Well, I didn’t even get it what was expected with a [360 0]. A LR flipped map?

Venus has a retrograde rotation and the longitudes are 0 to -360.

Sorry to revive an old thread.

Mercury coordinates are in a left-handed system with longitudes running from 0 to 360, increasing from right to left. What is the best/easiest way to accommodate that? If I were using -JX it would be simple, but not so simple in a conformal projection.

If it were me, for a while one-shot/quick fix, I would try to create a second longitude column… or to play with -p perspective.
For a longer term use I would probably create a routine to change the data coordinates entirely (as it is periodic, it should be doable no?)