How to set a few characters italic while keeping the rest of the string in normal fonts?

In my colorbar label, I would want something like this: abcd, with the first letter being italic. How could I achieve that?

I see this in the pstext documentation, unfortunately, it throws out an error:
@%*no* % sets the font to *no* ;

If I do something like the below, it will apply to the whole label, am I right?

I don’t understand, you did not use @%*no*% verbatim did you? Presumably you tried a font number of font name, e.g., @%6% or @%Times-Italic% right? What error does that throw?

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Thanks for the reply!

What I tried was to do this @%f%CO2, expecting the results to be fCO2. Below is the error:
PSL: Error: font f not recognized - reset to Helvetica

So what’s in between @% and % should be a Font number or Font Name? How does that work, if all I want is to italicize one character?

See my answer, I spelled it out for you.

Thanks, Paul. Now I understand that the way it works is @%FontName% controls the font of the characters following it. As a Matlab person, this is kind of a new concept. In Matlab, people wrap things up using {} like this {\it f}.