How to solve the "blocked from use" issue for the Mac OS version of mex-gmt?

I just installed mex-gmt on my Mac OS Big Sur. Unfortunately, I keep getting error messages saying that a specific function of the mex-gmt library was “blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer”.

I tried to go the System preference -> Security & Privacy and click “Allow anyway”, but this error keeps poping up for other functions and never stop.

I wonder if there is a way to fix this issue once and for all?

Many thanks.

I hink right-clicking on the icon and open gives the option to open anyway.

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Thanks! I agree.

Unfortunately, I still got the error when testing the below command, as recommended during the installation:
gmt ('psbasemap', '-R0/10/0/15 -JM6i -P -Baf -BWSne+glightblue >')

How did you do that. gmt-mex? Installing instructions are quite outdated and even refer to old SVN location.

I followed the instructions here:

Probably should not look at deprecated web pages from 5 years ago. This is the current GitHub page:

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