How to use "rose" with norm=False?

import pygmt

# Load sample compilation of fracture lengths and azimuth as

# hypothetically digitized from geological maps

data = pygmt.datasets.load_fractures_compilation()

fig = pygmt.Figure()


    # use columns of the sample dataset as input for the length and azimuth

    # parameters



    # specify the "region" of interest in the (r,azimuth) space

    # [r0, r1, az0, az1], here, r0 is 0 and r1 is 1, for azimuth, az0 is 0 and

    # az1 is 360 which means we plot a full circle between 0 and 360 degrees

    region=[0, 300, 0, 360],

    # set the diameter of the rose diagram to 7.5 cm


    # define the sector width in degrees, we append +r here to draw a rose

    # diagram instead of a sector diagram


    # normalize bin counts by the largest value so all bin counts range from

    # 0 to 1


    # use red3 as color fill for the sectors



    # define the frame with ticks and gridlines every 0.2

    # length unit in radial direction and every 30 degrees

    # in azimuthal direction, set background color to

    # lightgray

    #frame=["x0.2g0.2", "y30g30", "+glightgrey"],

    frame=["x60g060", "y30g30"],

    # use a pen size of 1p to draw the outlines



rose.pdf (5.6 KB)

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