Incorrect solar shading

I created the globe with shading, however I don’t think the shading is correct. I think the shading should be from east to west.
gmt set PROJ_LENGTH_UNIT i && gmt pscoast -P -Rg -JG-87/41/2 -W.1,0/100/0 -G0/100/0 -S177/224/230 -Dc -A5000 -K -Xc > /dev/shm/$ps_image
gmt pssolar -Rg -J -Td+d$d -Gblack@60 -K -O >> /dev/shm/$ps_image
gmt pssolar -Rg -J -Tc+d$d -Gblack@70 -K -O >> /dev/shm/$ps_image
gmt pssolar -Rg -J -Tn+d$d -Gblack@80 -K -O >> /dev/shm/$ps_image
gmt pssolar -Rg -J -Ta+d$d -Gblack@90 -O >> /dev/shm/$ps_image
gmt psconvert -A+s4.33c -TgG /dev/shm/$ps_image
convert $png_image -resize 50% -sharpen 0x.9 $png_image


Thanks, it is a known issue on GitHub. I will link your post from there as well.

Thank you, I will keep an eye on the issue. It seems to work great with a mercator projection. When I switch to orthographic projection it fails. Eckert IV Projection so i assumed it would work with orthographic as I have gotten it to work with mercator.