Input new data to GMT

hi, i’m new here, can somebody tell me how can i input voice/audio file to gmt, or can i creat a video in gmt?

Selamat datang :grin:,

I don’t think there’s a way to input audio to GMT, but you might find the example at (6) Demonstrate aliasing by sampling a chirp — GMT 6.5.0 documentation useful for making animations/movies based on waveform data. The audio will need to be added later in another program.

can you help me with psconvert, i’m using gmt 6.1.1 and i cant convert file to gif.
“psconvert not recognized”

Hi @Annaluna16, sorry for the late reply, I see you’ve asked your psconvert question at Psconvert not recognized in generic mapping tool and it seems to be working for you now (?), so I won’t answer it here.

If you need help learning GMT, there’s a lot of good Youtube video links at Video Tutorial for new beginner (including in Bahasa Indonesia). Some might be a bit out of date but it might help get you started.

hi the problem with psconvert still not resolved, i’ll try to watch to the video that you given, if you have another way to solve this problem i’ll be really glad to hear that. thank you